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Plants Tutor

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Having a beautiful garden is bliss, a peaceful corner away from the pollution and chaos of the city where you can breathe in the fresh air but do you know what is better?
Knowing the name of every plant that is housed in your garden or house and why, now that is priceless.
The motives behind performing this extensive research goes beyond being a walking encyclopedia, it would help you to understand your shrubbery and later on with your kid’s assignment.
Although, understanding and memorizing a thousand names with corresponding pictures seems very challenging, especially when everything is green and leafy. Don’t you worry, that is where our app makes an entrance.
Instead of trying to remember all those, just remember to download our app, an illustrative handbook describing different types of plants with pictures.
Not that any of us are fond long scientific name but we have still followed international botanical nomenclature, because additional facts never hurt nobody, just like extra cheese in a burger.